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Civil War Round Table of Fredericksburg
Civil War Round Table of Fredericksburg
Civil War Round Table of Fredericksburg
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Civil War Round Table of Fredericksburg
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Presidents Corner

President Paul Scott and Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park NPS Intern Emily R. Crawford

June 2017 Newsletter

Our June program is our final meeting of the 2016-2017 Program Year, which has run from September 2016 through June 2017.

Our theme of "Confederate Connections" continues with Shannon Pritchard, renown expert and collector of Confederate artifacts. Shannon has authored numerous articles relating to the authentication, care and conservation of Confederate antiques, including articles for North South Trader’s Civil War, The Civil War Courier, The Civil War News and other War Between the States periodicals, and is the author of the definitive work on Confederate collectibles, the widely acclaimed Collecting the Confederacy and Confederate Faces in Color. He is the current Vice-President of the Civil War Dealers and Collector’s Association board of directors and chairs the education committee. Shannon does consultations for the Museum of the Confederacy, the Virginia Historical Society, Tredegar National Historic Site and Historic Hanover Tavern, as well as private and corporate consultant and appraisals for authenticity and market value.

May 2017 Program

Last month's program was entitled "Paroles and the Amnesty Oath/Oath of Allegiance of Confederate Soldiers" and was given by Patrick A. Schroeder, NPS Historian at the Appomattox Courthouse National Historical Park. He described the details of the different paroles and how the former Confederate soldiers reacted to them as they became United States citizens again. It was another unique and learning experience for us all.

National Park Service Intern

Emily R. Crawford has been assigned by Greg Mertz, Supervisory Historian with the Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park, to the internship sponsored by our round table. Emily is from Johnson City, Tennessee, and will graduate from East Tennessee State University this coming December. She is a history major who aspires to become a professional historical interpreter at either a state or national park. 

Emily attended the May 24, 2017, meeting where she was enthusiastically welcomed by the membership. She addressed the round table, expressing her excitement about being the first recipient Civil War Round Table of Fredericksburg Honorary Albert Z. Conner Internship and her sincere appreciation to the club. I had the pleasure to present to her Al Conner's book, "Seizing Destiny" as a gift from the club. 

Special thanks again to Fred and Tanya Howe for paying one-half of the round table's cost of this sponsorship.

New Officers for the 2017-2018 Program Year

The officers for the 2017-2018 Program Year, John Harris, President; Clint Van Zandt, Vice President; and Jim Davis, Treasurer, will be installed at the June meeting. Beth Daly has graciously agreed to stay on as Secretary. The "Passing of the Gavel" will occur at the end of the meeting at which time John Harris will call for any further business to come before the meeting, announce the next meeting and program, and, thereafter, adjourn.

Executive Committee, Brochures and Community Contacts

The Executive Committee has approved the design of the new brochures, and they will be printed this summer and distributed throughout the city retail establishments, libraries and local museums. The Executive Committee also approved the design of professional cards for our officers and general membership. Special thanks goes to Ted Watkins for his expertise in designing the brochures and professional cards. Front Porch publication continues our ads each month. Notices of our meetings are printed in Alan Zirkle's History Alert, The Civil War News newspaper, North South Traders Civil War magazine and the History Calendar of the Town & County Section of The Free Lance-Star.

The Program Committee

The Program Committee consists of Pat Quinn, Scott Boyd and Paul Scott. I wish to personally thank Pat and Scott for their knowledge, input and the contacts made to the prospective speakers and for arranging such unique and interesting programs for next year.

New Website and Email Address

The new website is and the new email address is Please make note of these citations.

Roger Leturno presented this information to the round table at the May meeting. Special thanks goes to him for a fine job in revamping our website and retaining our new webmaster.

Heritage Awards

The round table approved at its May 24, 2017, meeting Heritage Awards in the amount of $1,000.00 for the Ladies Memorial Association and $1,000.00 to the Friends of the Wilderness. Thanks goes to Fred Sisk, Chairman, and the Heritage Committee of Scott Boyd, Mike Burns, Jack Farrington and Kevin Jones for these recommendations.

Membership and Roster

Congratulations and welcome aboard to our new member, Mike Stevens. Dr. Mike is a founding member of the CVBT and we are pleased to have him with us. Please note that the bylaws provide that for one joining the round table after April 1 of any year, that person's dues payment also pays for the following program year. We have consistently had guests at our meetings. Some are members' guests and some come on their own. Please make our new members feel at home and our guests welcome by introducing yourself and inviting them to sit at your table. Bring your friends and acquaintances as guests to our meetings and solicit their membership in order to continue the growth of the club.

Rather than having an officers' head table as we have had in the past, the officers are sitting with the membership to facilitate getting better acquainted. Besides the speaker sitting at the head table we have also endeavored to seat some guests and new members. In my two years as president, I have had the good fortune to get to know more members than I would have otherwise. I have been so impressed with the background of so many of our members. Each one, whether man or woman, has a unique story to tell. So take the opportunity to ask your fellow members about themselves, their backgrounds, their history, whether it be professional or military or whatever, and you'd be surprised at the "history" of each person.

The roster of our current membership has been completed, but we are adding to it monthly on account of our growth. Those who have not provided their cell phone number to our secretary, Beth Daly, please do so.

50/50 Raffle

Please buy raffle tickets for the 50/50 raffle in order to support the projects of our club at the table just inside the Rappahannock Grand Ballroom.


The entrance table also contains brochures and printouts for other history related events, and is available for such bulletins as members may wish to place. Books donated to the club may also be placed there by members.

CWRTF Resolution March 23, 2016

Non-cancellations after reservations have been made creates a financial difficulty for the club since the club has the responsibility for the cost of that meal with our caterer. As this is an ongoing issue, the round table passed the following resolution at its March 23, 2016, meeting: "In the future, short of an emergency (classified as a personal unforeseen emergency event, which is reported by the member to the treasurer within five (5) business days post-meeting), the treasurer shall be authorized to invoice such member for the meeting/dinner cost incurred, who fails to honor his/her reservation(s) having missed the schedule CWRTF meeting/dinner event."


As I look back on the two years of my presidency, I wish to thank each and every committee member for their passion, interest, time and dedication to the Civil War Round Table of Fredericksburg. Thank you, members, for your attendance, participation and input in our club. It has, indeed, been a pleasure to see and experience the passion and interest of our members both in the study of the Civil and War and in sharing it with others in bringing guests and new members aboard.

I look forward to our new Program Year and many years of success for the round table.

I will see you all at the June 21st meeting.

Paul Scott


Civil War Round Table of Fredericksburg
Civil War Round Table of Fredericksburg
Civil War Round Table of Fredericksburg
Civil War Round Table of Fredericksburg

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